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Pinewood Cottages in Kasauli

Kasauli, as a leading tourist destination, offers various kinds of accommodations to provide comforts of living in mesmerizing location. Resorts, luxury hotels, and 3 star hotels are quite regular form of accommodations which are available here. But this serene hilly town also offers one of the distinguished places for staying in Kasauli. It is Hotel Pinewood Cottages.

Pinewood Cottage Resort in Kasauli

Hotel Pinewood Cottages is a theme based cottage accommodation that enthralls occupants with jungle experience. Living amidst of Deodar wood forest is an awesome sensation for travelers. They provide cottages built in house tree form for mesmerizing stay in Kasauli on the terrain of mountains. Its calm surrounding and wonderful ambiance leaves every visitor amazed.

Selection of Cottages in Hotel Pinewood

Though, every cottage is well defined and designed for luxury and comfort, but visitors can make selection according to room size and their facilities along with view from the cottages. There are 4 kinds of accommodations available in Hotel Pinewood cottages. Every cottage is situated at adequate distance to maintain privacy of occupants. These cottages are beautifully fringed by flower plants and small fence. All cottages are brilliantly equipped with adequate lights and silky furnishing.

Accommodations at Pinewood Cottage Resort in Kasauli

The types of cottages are:
  • Deluxe Cottage
  • Specification:
  • 1 Room size 9 X 10 feet
  • Normal TV
  • Super Deluxe Cottage
  • Specification
  • Cottage with 10 X 12 feet size
  • Extra bedding facility
  • TV Available

Tree House cottage
  • Accommodation at cluster of tree (Tree House)
  • Steps to move into cottage
  • Eagle eye view from cottage
  • Minimum 10 X 10 feet Tree house cottage
  • Balcony space for sit out

Tree House Available in Pinewood Cottage Resort in Kasauli

Duplex Cottage
  • Two floor Cottage
  • 10x 12 sq ft bed room
  • 12x 14 sq ft drawing room
  • Normal TV
  • Balcony with sitting arrangements

Tariffs of Pinewood Cottages in Kasauli

  • Deluxe Cottage: Rs.3600
  • Super Deluxe Cottage: Rs.4200
  • Duplex Cottage: Rs.5400
  • Tree House Cottage: Rs.6000

Packages of Pinewood Cottages MAP Plan
  • 2 Nights and 3 Days Package:
  • Deluxe Cottage: Rs.9200/-
  • Super Deluxe Cottage: Rs.10, 350/-
  • Duplex Cottage: Rs.14, 960/-
  • Tree House Cottage: Rs.13, 800/-

Facilities and Amenities at Pinewood Cottages

Pinewood Cottages are packed with ample facilities and infinite amenities. It offers wonderful stay along with dignified services to accommodate elite and sophisticated travelers. Picturesque view of soaring mountains and incredible atmosphere leaves great impact upon the visitors. Apart from magnificent views, guest can have glimpses of small animals like rabbit within premises. Here are the details of specification and facilities offered in this hotel.

Facilities available in Pinewood Resort in Kasauli

Amenities provided for relaxing:
  • Exhilarating surrounding of forest
  • Every unit is fringed by Pine Trees
  • Balconies showcasing beautiful valleys
  • Natural lakes and nature trek for leisure walk

Luxurious facilities at resort:
  • Barbeque
  • Pan Bonfire
  • Buffet Breakfast
  • Tata Sky connection in each unit
  • Electronic room heater in cottages
  • Mosquito repellent
  • 24 hour hot and cold water in cottage
  • Taxi on demand
  • Doctors on call

Activities Offered at Pinewood Cottages in Kasauli

Travelers always have the leisure of unwinding activities in the premises of Pinewood Cottages. They offer various sports activities that prove to be stress buster for guests. People come in Kasauli to get rid of hustle and bustle of fast city life. Hence, Badminton and boxing game could be the fine way to rejuvenate you in midst of nature. Alongside, visitors are free to enjoy the nature by taking sip of coffee in Garden chair.

Activities offered by Pinewood Cottage Resort in Kasuali

Address of Pinewood Cottages
Garkhal, Kasauli
Phone No: 94590-22940

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