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Manki Point in Kasauli

Kasauli is a gem of tourist destination which carries ample numbers of tourist spots. Among all well established attractions of town, Manki point is one of the distinct destinations of Kasauli. It is most prominent places to visit while coming for tourism in this town. It is not only famous for breathtaking views but also popular for Hanuman temple placed therein.

View of Manki Point from the far site of Kasauli

Manki point is positioned at the highest peak of Kasauli within the arena of Air force station. It is found approximately at the elevation of 300 meters on a hillock of Kasauli region. It is also called as Monkey point. Along with its historical significance, this place is a sacred destination among the Hindu community. This hill edge is situated at the distance of 4 km from main Kasauli town.

History of Manki Point

Manki point is an historical as well as natural sightseeing location. The existence of temple has imperative story behind it. In mythological period of epic Ramayana, when Laxman got injured in the battle at Lanka, Lord Hanuman came here to take Sanjeevani Buti.

Significance of Hanuman Temple situated at Manki Point in Kasauli

This was the magical herb that could bring life to even a dead person. For getting this herb, Lord Hanuman put its left feet at Manki Point to proceed further. The impression of feet still exists at the hilltop. Hence a huge temple of Lord Hanuman was built by devotees at this Manki Point.

Attraction and Features of Manki Point in Kasauli

Hanuman Temple is the main attraction at Manki point. The temple is incepted in large area which comes under the region of air force station. The temple is situated in the surrounding of verdant greenery along with mesmerizing ambiance. The structure of temple is built as suitable to hilly region with steep roof and small gumbat.

Sign boards positioned for saving environment in Kasauli

It is typical house structure that has golden color pillar in front. The area is clean and tidy without any spot. The temple is adjoined with lots of sitting arrangements for the facility of tourists. People can watch mesmerizing sights from this point and take a deep breath again under the calm atmosphere. The beautiful scenic views and scattered pine trees in surroundings delight every traveler coming here.

How to reach Manki Point in Kasauli

Manki point is situated at steep hillock which is hard to climb. People with stamina and energy only can take flight to this place. It is four kilometer away from bus station. People can hire taxi till the gate of Air force station and there after they have to take an energetic walk to Manki Point. One should remember that entry into station is allowed till 4 pm only, so come well before time to get complete exposure to this wonderful point. However, entry is little bit tough in this region, but person with family or proper documentation can easily go through it.

Dos and Don’ts while going for Manki Point

  • Cameras are not allowed in Air Force Station
  • Entry is allowed till 4 PM
  • Carry bags are not allowed into Air Force Station
  • Proper documents should be taken including ID proof, Vehicle documents, etc
  • Littering is not allowed in premises
  • They collect heavy fine for littering in Kasauli

Address of Manki Point

Air Force Station

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