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Kasauli Brewery

Well Known Kasauli Brewery Establishment since 1855Kasauli is distinct place of tourism which holds many historical establishments within the town. Kasauli Brewery is among the privileged places of Kasauli which possesses significance of this historical place in India.

It was incepted here well before the establishment of Kasauli region. Mr. Edward Dyer was first to realize the potential of this area having ample spring water which is necessary for any distillery.

It is now one of the oldest distilling factories in India which still has the equipments of past times.

History of Kasauli Brewery

Kasauli Brewery was commenced in 1820 with the name of Dyer Breweries, but it got incorporated in 1855 in Kasauli. Kasauli Brewery introduced Asia’s first beer in the name of Lion in India. It was in great demand by British officials and elite Indians. As the cantonment was nearer to brewery, the beer was huge in demand by British soldiers as well.

The story related to setup of brewery in Kasauli is very interesting. Mr. Dyer bought all machinery and equipments from Scotland and England. During that time, transportation was quite hectic and bringing all machinery looked unrealistic. He transported all equipment through ships till India and afterward through Ganges River. After bringing at the nearest possible point, all equipments were loaded on an ox-cart to bring till Kasauli.

Age Old Equipments Still Installed in Kasauli Brewery

Due to establishment of Kasauli, shortage in spring water reserve rose in front of Dyer, therefore he moved Kasauli Brewery to adjoining area of Solan. But still it was kept in running position and converted into distillery to manufacture top brand whisky. Currently, Kasauli Brewery is running under the name of Mohan Meakin Ltd.

HG Meakin a well known entrepreneur of England came to India and took over this brewery company from Dyer. He has made imperative growth in this field by making remarkable achievements. He opened breweries at other places of India. In 1937, it got renamed as Dyer Meakin Breweries Ltd with the merger of Dyer Breweries and Meakin Breweries.

Historical Railway Engine Displayed in Kasauli Brewery

Later, the successor NN Mohan raised fund from well wishers and increased stake in Dyer Meakin Breweries Ltd. Consequently, this company was acquired by Meakin and got named as Meakin Breweries Ltd in 1949. In the mean time, new products such as fruit juices, breakfast cereals, and mineral water were also started to be produced in factories lined up at Lucknow, Khopoli, and Ghaziabad. Due to increase in such consumable items, the word brewery was dropped by management and Mohan Meakin Ltd name emerged.

About of Kasauli Brewery

This historical brewery is still producing one of the finest brands of whisky named Solan No 1. It is the oldest and famed brands in liquor. Today it is facing competition with flavored liquors. Hence, it is now on the stage of decline. As ancient structure, it is still a center of attraction in Kasauli. People in large numbers come to see the old brewery in India.

Historical and Prime attraction Kasauli Brewery

Visitors can’t skip to take one of the finest brands of liquor with them while coming to Kasauli. The old copper pot is still in use that was bought from England. A small steam engine is kept at the entrance of Kasauli Breweries to showcase significance of ancient times.

How to reach Kasauli Brewery

Kasauli Brewery is situated in the town of Kasauli. It is easy to locate through road ways and railways. Visitors can come via NH 22 connecting Shimla and Ambala.

How to reach Kasauli Brewery in Himachal Pradesh

Address of Kasauli Brewery
Mohan Meakin Ltd

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