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Administration in Kasauli

Kasauli is one of the military influenced areas that are administrated by Cantonment Board. The cantonment board is legal body working under central government as per the provision of Cantonment Act, 2006. Among total numbers of body members in Cantonment Board, half of them are elected according to law.

As the supreme authority, Station Commander is appointed by union government and he is called as President of Cantonment Board. He enjoys the status of Chief Executive Officer for entire region under the board. Principal Directors and General Officers Commanding in Chief are responsible authorities to run the exercises of entire Kasauli region. Central Government and Defence Estate at mid level are also countable for controlling administration in Kasauli.

Cantonment Board Office in Kasauli

Currently, the cantonment area of 647 acres comes under the board and nearly 5000 people are benefited with its facilities. This board is comprised under class 3 according to rules. The board looks after the vital functions of municipality which includes building regulation, sanitation, water supply, education, health, town planning, and public safety. The rules followed in this region are quite strict in nature which is bounding for all visitors and locals.

History of Kasauli Cantonment Board

Kasauli Cantonment has enjoyed a long journey to reach at this point of time. It was established in 1850 and since then it has crossed many hurdles and crisis. From past times, this area has been managed by military officials under the supervision of central government. Recently, Municipality of Kasauli has been made accountable under Cantonment Act 2006 to this board.

Municipal Facilities at Kasauli

Medical & Public Health

A General hospital has been incepted to regulate proper health facilities in Kasauli. A 19 bed hospital along with paramedical staff has been employed to take care of health problems of civilians and Army. This hospital is facilitated with OT, Ambulance, ECG, and Pathology lab.

Cantonment Board Hospital in Kasauli

Sanitation Works

The board has appointed Sanitation Inspector for Kasauli, who looks into the matter of hygiene and cleanliness of the town. Kasauli is well known for spotless ambiance and all thanks to the team of sanitation department. Currently, there are 35 sweepers, one driver, 3 supervisors, and one inspector for entire region. Sewerage has been deployed at crowded location like Sadar Bazaar and Mashobra.

Street Light

Cantonment excels during night due to 350 light posts positioned at roads to enlighten Kasauli. The division of street light provides all required accessories and electrical gadgets to keep streets lighted in dark. HPSV lamps, tube lights, bulbs, and mercury vapour lamps are stationed at all vital locations across the town to give proper vision in night as well.

Water Supply

The Cantonment Board regulates the water supply to this region. As there is scarcity and no other source for water, the MES supplies water to entire region. They have capped water usage to 40 liters per capita for limiting it. The water is supplied through private connections and stand posts.

Regulation of Cantonment Board in Kasauli

  • Controlling & Eradication of offences
  • Removal of illegal construction
  • Promote Public Safely
  • Control Law and Order
  • Prevention of Contagious and Infectious diseases
  • Control construction of structures
  • Maintain control over boundaries, streets, and public places
  • Demolish hazardous buildings

Development under taken by Cantonment Board Kasauli

Role of Cantonment Board in Urban Development

  • The board carries out following duties to maintain significance and beauty of Kasauli.
  • Alteration and construction of road
  • Maintain market places and construct complexes
  • Built and maintain public places and properties
  • Develop and maintain parks, offices, gardens, dairies, and other such places
  • Construct Well, Tanks, and Public utilities
  • Maintain public toilets, urinals, as well as slaughter houses in Kasauli
  • Construction and maintenance of sewerage and drainage system
  • Implementation of planning scheme as per layout
  • Evaluate and optimum use of properties and resources of this region
  • Implementation of group housing plans

Departments of Cantonment Board Kasauli

Main Branch

Main Branch of Cantonment board is established with Superintendent Office which coordinates with entire network of board. It is entrusted with the job of creating bridge between central government and Cantonment board.

Functions of Main Branch:
  • It is entrusted with important decisions of appointment, service matters, disciplinary cases, and revision of pay along with correspondence with command headquarters.
  • It has to deal with remuneration given to suppliers, contractors, and cantonment employees.
  • It has to receive material, maintain receipts, issuance of material to related department, inspection of material, preservation of material receipts, and preparing reports.
  • It has to do all important administrative duties of Kasauli region

Residence of Cantonment board in Kasauli

Accounts Department

The accounts department needs to be compiled with all instructions and amendments issued by authorities. They need to be detailed with Cantonment Account Code, CFSR, FRSR, CCS Conduct rules, leave rule and other laws.

Functions of Accounts department:
  • Scrutinize challans and bills coming for payment
  • Scrutinize bill payments and match CEO signature
  • Deliver payment through cheque and cash
  • Maintaining daily income and expenditure book (Cash Register)
  • Preparation of annual consolidation accounts and annual budget
  • Prepare and maintain record books
  • To scrutinize MB of contractors and pay bills
  • To fulfill all requirements of audit
  • Calculation and implementation of Income tax binding on employees
  • Prepare and maintain the investment book
  • Prepare and send static report
  • Make availability of important information as per RTI act 2005

Information Technology

Kasauli cantonment board has also upgraded itself by introducing information technology in their administration. This department is working in making governance simple and effective which penetrate through and reach to the people. They have launched online software and websites for helping all government related jobs with a click of mouse. From information of land to any municipal services related complaints, all work can be done through internet. They manage entire VPN installed in this region along with creating WAN network across Kasauli to host various applications on central server of board.

Here are the facilities of Information Technology in Cantonment board
  • Defence land Management Software - Rakshabhoomi
  • Samadhan - Public Redressal Software
  • Suvidha - Employee Utility Software
  • File Management Software
  • Defence Land Records Digitalization
  • Document Management Software - Alfresco

Facilities provided by Cantonment Board Kasauli

Engineering Section

Engineering department is entrusted with the work of maintaining and implementing rules of establishing building in this region. They also look into the matters of encroachments in to the defence land.

Tax and Revenue

Tax revenue department is responsible to create and maintain accounts of water tax, house tax, conservancy tax, service charges, professional tax, and miscellaneous register of Kasauli region. They have to look into the matters of property assessments, issue recovery bills, tenancy revenues and parking fees.
  • Function of Tax & Revenue department
  • Prepare House Tax, water tax, and conservancy test
  • Issuance of trace licence
  • Maintain parking fee register
  • Preparing lease rent register

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